ARM server

Home server with several services such as NAT, DHCP, DNS, HOTSPOT and network data storage. Power consumption of the device is about 10W, which is very low power consumption. It is thanks to the ARM processor. The HTTP server lets you see how much energy the device consumed.
The HTTP server is its own protocol implementation.


RPG game

Network RPG game in which you become  a medieval knight to fight evil and protect the innocent ;D
The game is written in C ++, the graphical engine is Ogre 3d 1.9.

 -   Download the game - W32/90MB
 -   Gameplay, see on youtube


Audio amplifier 2x100W, class B

This device is a 2x100w stereo amplifier built in class B on mosfet transistors. The preamp was based on two E88CC lamps. A power supply with a transformer will deliver up to 300W of power.


Restoration of a WSK motorcycle

Renovation of a motorcycle WSK took me several years and is still not finished. Currently I have a 1985 motorcycle, which is one of the youngest models. This is my third WSK. The model I currently have has been repaired, the frame has been painted and all exterior elements too, the cylinder has been replaced, the gearbox and crankshaft have been regenerated..